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Mobile applications
for any kind of event

- Comfortable, Beautiful, Stylish (design options)
- Schedule, Speakers, Materials, Polls (over 30 modules)
- Price from 49 000 ₽

Order an app for your event
The mobile app will be ready in one weekday.
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Participants and organizers' essentials

All the necessities of the event - schedule, logistics, speakers, materials, useful information.

Everything is structured and updated instantly through a handy admin panel.

Flexible search, selection, filtration.
Contact the organizer and get an immediate answer, chat with other participants, give feedback on a particular topic, vote for the best report - all of this and much more can be implemented in our event apps and activities.
Likes, comments, points, joint achievements, virtual characters, tickets, games, quests - we have been working in the event industry for 12 years and will be happy to share our experience in the field of applications for events.

Functionality of the Event App

We have over 30 moduls for the app, here are some examples
Want to try it for free?
Download Event BOX app and enter the word demo

Flexible design for the Event App

No matter which one you choose, we brand it and design it in the customer's corporate colors.

How much does the app for your event coast?

49 000 ₽
One event license
Unlimited Event License
30 000
Content support
You send us the materials in the form of tables filled in by templates, we upload them to the system.
15 000 *
On-sitе support

* weekdays;
20 000 ₽ - weekends

Application hosting options

This is how participants can install the app
on their phones and tablets
Download Link
This type of the app is a Progressive Web Application (without push-notifications).

The application is available for download at the event organizers' website,
the installation is very simple - participants need to go to the website once and add a link to their smartphone desktop.
Publication on App Store and Google Play
The event app is published through a client account with our help, or we can also provide you with a self-publishing assembly of the app.
Input via Event BOX multi-app on AppStore and Google Play
Участники загружают приложение Event BOX через магазины приложений и, при первом входе в приложение, вводят код мероприятия, предоставленный организаторами.
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